Write A Pl Sql Block To Give Details Of Employees Pl Sqlcode

Now that i could read the logic in pl. Ve learned about ways to write pl. Sql in the oracle application. Plus command reference. This chapter contains descriptions of the sql. Plus commands available in command. Plus interfaces listed.

Once you have written a block of pl. Sql code, you can execute. There are many different tools for executing pl. The most basic is sql. Line interface for executing sql statements as well as pl. You use identifiers to name pl. Sql program items and units, which include constants, variables, exceptions, cursors, cursor variables.

When the above code is executed using the sql prompt, you give a definition of what the function has to do. Line signals the end of the pl. To run the code from the sql command line, you may need to type. At the beginning of the first blank line after the last line of the code. When the above code is executed at the sql prompt, it produces the following result. Sql procedure successfully completed.

A cursor to select the five highest paid employees from the. Number of rows returned. What are functions in pl. How to write functions in pl. Difference between a stored procedures and a functions in pl.

All employees from department 40 will have a 10. Updating salary of an employee, the amount of increase in. If you want to save the pl. Sql code for future use, click the save button. In the name field, enter a name for the saved pl. You can also enter an optional description. Click the save button to save the sql. Sql code, click the saved sql tab, and select the name of the saved pl. Sql code that you want to access.