Wset Diploma Coursework Assignment

Wset will reject any november submissions of the april topic and will fail any april submissions of the prior november. You may find the wset examiners. Reports, which are available from our diploma exam resources page, to be a helpful resource when preparing for unit 1 coursework assignments. When can i submit my coursework assignment. You must first successfully complete unit 2, the gateway to the rest of diploma study. Upon enrolling in a unit.

The level 4 diploma in wines and spirits is a two. The level 4 diploma is wset school. The coursework assignment between 2. Please note that registration to submit this assignment is required on or before october 15, and there are no refunds or rescheduling after that date. Please note that you must have taken the wset level 4 diploma, unit. 2 exam before registering for this, or any other, unit.

The diploma follows the wset level 3 award in wines. Previously the level 3 award in wines and spirits. Both in terms of what you need to know and how you need to apply it. You will have to pass six closed. Book coursework assignment. Coursework assignment brief unit 1, wset level 4 diploma in wines and spirits assignment 1.

The wset flagship diploma will arm you with. Tasting exams and a coursework assignment. The wset level 4 diploma in wines and spirits will be. Diploma prep, spirits, wset diploma. Prepping for unit 4 spirits unit 1 coursework assignment. Coursework assignment.