How To Prepare For An Unseen Essay Exam

At the beginning of the exam, divide the time you have by the number of marks on the test to figure out how much time you should spend for each mark and each question. Leave time for review. If the exam is mixed format, do the multiple choice, true. False or matching section first. How do i prepare for an unseen question in an exam. But it is on as you like it and a related text. I have no idea how to prepare, do i write an essay.

For english advanced we have to write an essay to an unseen question on the day. The teacher only gave us a rubric with words along the lines of. Although some instructors will provide outlines, there is no substitute for your own notes, as you know your learning and studying style best. In preparing for your essay exam, this will prove to be one of your most valuable tools, so do yourself a favor by going to class and taking good notes. Always have a notebook on hand.

This video is unavailable. For step by step plan for preparing for unseen hsc english essay questions in your exams see here.