How To Write Like Patricia Polacco

More perspective on dyslexia more insights on how patricia polacco grew up with dyslexia. In our recent blog post on our interview with. Patricia polacco was born on july 11th, in lansing, michigan. S family were jewish immigrants from russia and the ukraine.

Learn all about children. S book author and illustrator patricia polacco. Her life, her work and her picture books, and how diversity influences her. Patricia polacco has long been one of my favorite children. Aspire to write like you. S books are just wonderful teaching.

Patricia polacco belongs to a family of storytellers, poets, farmers, teachers, and artists. They came from many parts of the world, but mainly russia. Patricia barber polacco. Born july 11, , lansing, michigan. Is an american author and illustrator. Throughout her school years, polacco struggled with reading but found relief by expressing herself through art. Polacco endured teasing and hid her disability until a school teacher recognized that she could not read and began to help her.

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