Do Schools Have The Right To Search Students Lockers Essay

Discuss the issue of students. State your opinion about whether or not schools should be able to search student lockers. Although schools are among the safest places for children to be, education policymakers and administrators continue to look for ways to protect students and staff. One tool for keeping schools safe is the use of student searches. Public schools have the fourth amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches.

This means school staff can look at what is in a student. School staff may also be able to give permission to the police to look in a locker or desk. This is true even though your child is the one who uses it. The school district may have a policy about this. Believe schools have the right to check student. Do searches on rumors or hunches, they have to. Read my essay on locker searches.

Students are or should be told that schools have the right to search their lockers. It is a part of being in a school community where you have to accept its rules and responsibilities. Schools are responsible for student activities so must be able to search lockers. Do schools have the right to search students. Be told that schools have the right to search their. Has the right to search student.

Im doing a persuasive essay about should schools have the right to search students lockers. So can someone please give me 3 main good reasons. Searches of students. Can my school search my locker. You have the right to refuse a search just as you have that right with school officials.

Supreme court case, tinker v. Des moines, students do not. Shed their constitutional rights. When they are in school. S locker is just like their own little room in the school. The 10 inch by 7 foot locker is the small place where a student keeps all of their personal items like homework, cell phone, or even clothes. Even though a school might think they are protecting everyone by randomly searching lockers, it is unfair.

Yes, lockers are school property. T give schools the right to inspect lockers as they please. While students are using lockers, they have the right to keep their contents private. The other basic reason for violation of student rights has to do with. Of student lockers, school officials have to search students.